• For ultra-fine and clear filtration of fluids
  • For highly demanding applications
  • For starting off where others stop


HOFFMANN Precoat Filters ASF are especially suited where other filter systems have reached their performance limits, such as in the machining of cast iron, hard metal or HSS. It is especially used for ultra-fine and clear filtration of oils, synthetic solutions, process water and other fluids where a clear filtrate down to nominally filter fineness 3 µm is always required. In addition to their use in metal processing, the special fields of application also render HOFFMANN Precoat Filters ideal in the beverage and environmental industries, as single or central systems. HOFFMANN precoat filters are equipped with generous buffer tanks for the continuous care of the machine tool. A cooler which brings the cooling lubricant to the required temperature for the machine tool is usually integrated into the clean tank. Additionally, separate cooling circuits are available for, for example, a spindle or motor cooler. 

  • Turning machines
  • Grinding machines
  • Honing machines
  • Finishing machines
  • Lapping and polishing machines
  • Gearbox test benches
  • Ultra-fine and clear filtration
  • Steel-mesh filter plates for enduring use
  • Robust and reliable design and operation
  • Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic operation – as per customer requirement
  • High filtration capacity for the supply of complete production lines
  • Continuous supply of your machine(s) without downtime
  • HOFFMANN Cooling Systems
  • Magnetic separator
  • Filter aid dosing unit
  • Bag and big-bag discharge system
  • Mobile and tiltable sludge cart
  • Pumping stations
  • Pressure boosting station
  • Return pump station

A 010 bis 40 l/min
A 140 bis 80 l/min
A 280 bis 120 l/min
VSAF 2120 bis 200 l/min
VSAF 580 bis 900 l/min
VSAF 10900 bis 2.000 l/min
Due to the compact and space-saving modular design, filtration capacities in excess of 10.000 l/min are achievable
*Based on machining oils with a viscosity of 20 mm2/s at 40°C, depending on application