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Magnetic separator TMA

Magnetic separator TMA

HOFFMANN Drum Magnetic Separators TMA are used to separate ferromagneticchips from all types of cooling lubricants. They may be used as a stand-alone systemfor intensive CL treatment or as pre-separators upstream of existing filter systems. Inthis case, the Drum Magnetic Separators relieve the main filter, increase its service life pump and reduce filter aid costs.




Magnetic Separator TMA


Filter capacity*
TMA 500
to 500 l/min
TMA 1000
to 1.000 l/min

*Based on fluids with a viscosity of 20 mm2/s at 40°C

  • Areas of application
    • Grinding machines
    • Honing machines
    • Lapping machines
    • Rolling rigs
    • Sedimentation basins
    • Addition to central filter systems
  • Advantages
    • Automatic, maintenance-friendly operation, needing no consumables
    • Compact design with high flow rate
    • Little space required
    • Flexible installation options
    • Low residual moisture in the discharged filter cake
    • Cooling lubricant recovery
  • Options
    • Electrical control
    • Cooling lubricant tank with lifting pump
    • Mobile and tiltable sludge cart

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