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Suction belt filter HSF SE

Suction belt filter HSF SE

HOFFMANN Suction Belt Filters HSF SE with a plastic endless belt are used for filtering cooling lubricant during high precision surface grinding. The high filtration grade renders HOFFMANN Suction Belt Filters ideal, among others, for grinding of gears e.g. in the automotive, wind energy, mining and shipbuilding sectors.




Suction belt filter HSF SE


Filter capacity oil*
Filter capacity emulsion**
120 l/min
180 l/min
HSF 100 SE
200 l/min
300 l/min
HSF 150 SE
300 l/min
450 l/min
HSF 200 SE
400 l/min
600 l/min
HSF 250 SE
500 l/min
750 l/min
HSF 300 SE
600 l/min
900 l/min

*Based on grinding oils with a viscosity of 20 mm2/s at 40°C

**Based on grinding emulsions with a viscosity of 1 mm2/s at 20°C

  • Areas of application
    • As central plant
    • Gear Grinding Machines
    • Profile grinding machines
    • External and internal cylindrical grinding machines
  • Advantages
    • Filtration with continuous filter belt needing no consumables
    • Continuous supply of cooling lubricant to your grinding machine without downtime
    • High grade of filtration without the use of filter aids, at maximum throughput
    • Suited for CBN and corundum grinding
    • Highly dried filter cake, minimal residual moisture
    • Low installation footprint due to compact design and low super structures
  • Options
    • Fine filter
    • Filter aid dosing unit
    • HOFFMANN Cooling Systems
    • Mobile and tiltable sludge cart
    • Pumping station
    • Pressure boosting station
    • Return pump station

Suction Belt Filter HSF SE - 3D Animation

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