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From Peine district into all world

HOFFMANN  manufactures filter- and cooling solutions for the preparation and recooling of cooling lubricants. Our strength is the production of filter- and cooler systems under one roof, individually adapted to your needs.

Everywhere where gears are manufactured for gearboxes or camshafts, crankshafts or condensers: Tolerances down to micrometers! The cooling lubricant that cleans and cools the workpiece in the machining process is highly stressed. Minute wear debris and heat must be filtered out in the circulation and discarded. There is one globally renowned name for top quality and customer satisfaction in this field: HOFFMANNHOFFMANN Maschinen- und Apparatebau GmbH in Lengede is the market leader in the filtration of grinding oil (lubricating coolant) used in gear grinding.

There is hardly a gearbox for wind turbines, utility vehicles, passenger cars and ships in the world that was not fine-finished with the aid of HOFFMANN filtration systems. More than 500 customised filtration systems leave the factory halls of Lengede and Broistedt year after year, with numbers on the increase. But there is more: Every filtration system includes a controller and recirculation chiller manufactured in-house. The installed cooling power ranges from 30 to 1 200 kW. For nearly five decades now, this vertical range of manufacture has been our decisive competitive advantage, highly valued by our customers and users in Germany, Europe, East Asia, Brazil and the US. In order to ensure that we will always be in a position to care for our customers on location, we have global cooperation partners. This includes especially our Service partners in Brazil (Union Tecnologia), China (HOFFMANN Coolant Cleaners & Chillers Ltd.), India (Sovereign Tech) and the US (Hoffmann Filter Corporation).

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