Pressure and hinged belt filter

A pressure belt filter is a belt filter in which the space above the filter belt is sealed against the environment with a cover. The suspension is applied with pressure to the filter belt by means of a pump. Pressure belt filters achieve much higher differential pressures than suction belt filters. As a result, higher filtrate streams and lower residual moisture are achieved compared to suction belt filters. Due to the growing filter cake, the pressure loss increases until the filter belt has to be cleaned. For this purpose, the filter cake is blown free with compressed air and a very low residual moisture is achieved. Thereafter, the filter chamber is opened and the dry filter cake is discharged by the filter belt moving forward by the length of the filter chamber.

HOFFMANN pressure belt filters up to 2.5m² of filter surface are manufactured as hinged belt filters. To open, the cover is folded up at one end in this version, while the cover is raised vertically with larger filter surfaces.

For continuous operation, HOFFMANN pressure belt filters are equipped with generously dimensioned buffer tanks for dirty fluid and filtrate, which ensure the supply of the machine tool during the free-blowing and discharge of solids.