TOP Ausbilder 2023

More powerful CM series HOFFMANN filter belts for grinding processes

With the fully automatic HSF suction belt filter, HOFFMANN Maschinen- und Apparatebau GmbH has been setting the standard for consumption-free filtration of cooling lubricants in grinding processes for 30 years.

The development of the company's own plastic endless filter belts is one of the factors responsible for this performance. They form the heart of the filter system and ensure the necessary filter cake build-up. In-house production is a decisive factor in this development. This presents the opportunity to incorporate experience from the field into further developments.

Driven by the ever more demanding requirements of the grinding processes, the efficiency of the filter belts must also be increased. The highest stage of development is currently culminating in the new CM series.

The clever manufacture of the two-layer fabric offers a high cooling lubricant flow rate with a small mesh size. This ensures a rapid and optimum filter cake build-up, which forms the basis for clear filtration.

A stable construction and longer service life between regenerations have a positive effect on durability as well as on operating costs.

The CM series has been put through its paces in careful tests in demanding applications and has already proven its increased performance.

For HOFFMANN suction belt filter model HSF, the CM series filter belts are now available.