• Open or closed water circle
  • Soldered plate heat exchanger
  • Compact

Premium Solution



HOFFMANN Water Coolers WRK are suited for all applications requiring cold water. The equipment produces cold water in open or closed circuits, which is then used in downstream heat exchangers. HOFFMANN Water Coolers are renowned for their high efficiency and compact design. A pump transports the water into the evaporator for cooling. The evaporator is a soldered plate heat exchanger which transfers the heat from the introduced water to ambient air via an air-cooled condenser.

The water temperature is adjustable, with accuracies of ± 1°C. Standard HOFFMANN Water Coolers are designed for ambient temperatures of up to + 40°C. 

  • For all applications where cold water is required
  • Low space requirement
  • High energy efficiency
  • High-quality components from leading manufacturers
  • A quality product - MADE IN GERMANY
  • Split version
  • External installation of the cooler
  • Water-cooled condensers
  • Higher ambient temperatures up to 50 °C - Tropical version
  • Particularly energy-efficient design; e.g. with frequency-controlled compressors
  • Control accuracy up to ± 0.1 °C
  • Housing colour (RAL) selectable
  • Special voltages
  • Adjustment to special and equipment regulations
  • Multi-circuit systems for highly complex applications
  • Further options possible
Modell/ kW/ kWl x w x h / mm³
WRK 303,01,8700 x 700 x 1200
WRK 606,03,5700 x 700 x 1200
WRK 909,03,8900 x 900 x 1500
WRK 12012,06,0900 x 900 x 1500
WRK 15015,08,01500 x 900 x 1500
WRK 20020,012,01500 x 900 x 1500
WRK 25025,014,01500 x 900 x 1500
WRK 30030,014,01500 x 900 x 1500
WRK 40040,017,02200 x 900 x 1500
WRK 50050,019,02650 x 900 x 1550
WRK 60060,021,02650 x 900 x 1550
* Cooling capacity at an 32°C ambient temperature and a 15°C water inlet temperature.
Capacity data for other media on request. Other cooling capacities on request.