Maximum performance for your requirement

Premium Solution

Our premium solution

Highest demands and Flexibility

Products out of our range Premium Solution meet all expectations. To us, the "Made in Germany" label and our Premium Solutions mean more than just quality. With this mark, we associate not only our obligation to build state-of-the-art, high- performance and durable systems and components, but also to meet individual customer requirements.

These options do not cover your requirements? Then get together with our sales engineers to develop a customized solution.

HOFFMANN designs and manufactures coolers of all types to meet individual customer requirements and for special applications. Specific country regulations are naturally taken into account. Examples of available special solutions are:

  • Multiple cooling circuits
  • Combined coolers
  • Special energy saving designs
  • Waste heat utilisation
  • Heat recovery
  • Plate heat exchanger stations
  • Central cooling
  • In-house manufactured continuous-flow heat exchangers
  • In-house manufactured immersion heat exchangers